The Leadership in Practice Programme

Linda’s signature programme is the Leadership in Practice Programme (LIPP) which focuses on developing new managers into remarkable leaders. LIPP has now been running for ten years with over 800 participants completing the programme. Linda teaches the principles and vital behaviours that govern leadership effectiveness.

The intent of this programme is threefold:

  1. to deepen participants understanding of what leadership actually is
  2. to give participants a range of tools and strategies to engage in everyday leadership, and
  3. to build participant’s confidence to step up and be a remarkable leader

Programme approachThe programme is run one day per month over six months

  • each programme normally has 15-25 participants (participants can be new and/or experienced managers / team leaders or those who you believe have leadership potential)
  • following each workshop there are 3-4 ‘homework activities’ for participants to complete prior to the next workshop (eg critiquing a relevant leadership article, preparing an informal 3-4  minute presentation)
  • between workshops, the participant’s managers are provided with coaching questions, to enable them to engage in a series of 1-1 coaching sessions to help embed the learning between workshops
  • following the completion of the programme, there is an option of monthly small group mentoring sessions to continue to embed the learning

NB: Currently this is only offered as an in-house programme. Contact Linda for more information ph 0274520966 or

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