Leading People Through Change

How often have you heard yourself or others say... “let’s just wait till we get through this change, then it will all settle down and we can get back to normal”. Except it won’t return to normal and by the time we get through this change there is likely to be even more coming. Change is no longer the exception but the norm. 

Research suggests some 70% of organisational change efforts fail to achieve their intended benefits, and given the amount of change that’s occurring this is a very frightening figure! Just telling people to change doesn't work yet most change initiatives still use this as a key strategy.

Change leadership is a relatively new discipline and one we all need to learn if we want to either initiate our own innovations or survive the change initiatives of others! This one-day workshop examines the core strategies you need to know to lead the human side of change. 

You will learn about:

  • your responsibilities as a change leader 
  • the key differences between project management and change management
  • how to focus on the three core elements of change – context, process and PEOPLE
  • how to lead staff through the three transition phases
  • the ‘why, what, how’ model for communicating the change
  • how to manage the wide variety of emotional reactions to change
  • how to build change resilience in yourself and your team

Come and learn how to lead change differently and so much better!

How to Register

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