Train the Trainer

Much of what a great trainer does is hidden in the design and structure of their workshop. This day will unpack many of these secrets, such as chunking, gradient, framing, state changes and other valuable techniques.

During this one-day workshop you will learn:

  • more about how the adult brain learns and what turns it on and off!
  • how to hook your learners from the get-go and keep them engaged and learning
  • new ideas for your learning delivery
  • techniques to build your confidence for when you are in the front of the room
  • strategies for managing the hostages and the dis-engaged!
  • plus a raft of other training ideas and tips to enhance your training practice

Linda is often described as the ‘trainer’s trainer’. Much of what you learn will come both from the content of the day and also from actually observing Linda in action. If your role involves training of any kind this is a must attend workshop!

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